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Articles of The Dossier: Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, 2010


DIARY HAITI/ 12. Violence in Haiti interrupting relief work

The diary from Haiti continues with news of violence in the streets and election demonstrations, which are making the cholera relief effort even more difficult.    
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DIARY HAITI/ 11. Chiara, a doctor who works for AVSI, takes care of cholera victims in Haiti

Diary of Chiara Mezzalira, AVSI doctor in Haiti that, after having taken care of mothers and children evacuated from Port-au-Prince, is now a volunteer in the fight against cholera.
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DIARY HAITI/ 10. We are fighting against cholera and against our own limitations

A volunteer updates us on the fight against cholera in Haiti, and the challenges that the volunteers face    
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DIARY HAITI/ 9. Fiammetta: the epidemic of cholera is spreading, don’t forget Haiti!

The epidemic of cholera in Haiti is spreading with thousands infected and hundreds dead. Fiammetta, AVSI Haiti, says panic also is spreading. Do not forget Haiti!  
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CHILEAN MINERS/ Man as he really is

The drama of the Chilean miners was not just about "hope" but also demonstrated the truth about man – and about men  
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MIAMI/ Haiti and our responsibility

The Archbishop of Miami reminds us that our solidarity with the world of pain, as in Haiti, is lived out through the practice of what the Catechism calls the corporal and spiritual works of ...
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DIARY HAITI/ 7. Fiammetta: is the world still remembering our tragedy?

“Does the world still think of Haiti?” This is the question Fiammetta Cappellini and her colleagues of AVSI operating in Haiti were asking themselves. An answer came at the Meeting in Rimini from ...
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LIFE/ At Any Cost: Heroic Measures to Save Lives in Haiti

In Haiti, rescuers exhaust themselves and all possible resources to rescue people at the slightest sign that they are alive trapped beneath the rubble. If the world will rally at the chance of ...
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CROSSROADS/ Help Rebuild Chile

“Help Rebuild Chile after 8.8 Earthquake Benefit Concert” is a concert to benefit the reconstruction of Maria Reina de la Paz, located in the Cerro Navia area of Santiago, Chile. At this parish ...
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CHILE / Desolation and Chaos in the Cities

Recently, a wave of earthquakes hit a series of countries. The Haiti tragedy was particularly hard, but the subsequent earthquake in Chile was even stronger, joined with a tsunami. We publish a ...
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