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PUTIN/ Russia's 'alpha-dog' won, but are his days numbered?


ADRIAN PABST comments on Vladimir Putin, the “alpha-dog” of Russia: on his victory in the recent elections, the protests, and what could happen in the future.

The parliamentary and presidential elections in Russia were full of drama despite the fact that Vladimir Putin’s victory was all but assured from the beginning. People took to the streets in large numbers to protest against the government, particularly against corruption and election fraud, and many are predicting that the days of Putin and his United Russia party as they were before are numbered. Coverage of the elections, before and after, here.


RUSSIA/ Putin: A “democratic” expression of authoritarian power

GIOVANNI MORANDI discusses Putin’s victory in the recent Russian presidential elections and why he continues to have so much support. How much has Russia changed since Communism?


RUSSIAN ELECTIONS/ Why Putin’s victory is worth as much as a defeat

GIOVANNA PARRAVICINI comments on the presidential elections in Russia: on Putin’s victory and on the changed atmosphere brought about by the months of protests.


RUSSIA/ A crisis of credibility for overconfident old guard

According to Adrian Pabst, Russia's regime faces an unprecedented crisis of legitimacy that can only be overcome by a fundamental transformation that ruling elites are unwilling to deliver


RUSSIA/ If Putin cannot stop the “revolution of beauty”

Giovanna Parravicini describes the situation in Russia after the recent elections, how the streets and squares are full of people celebrating the fact that Russia may be changing.


RUSSIAN ELECTIONS/ How the Russian people took Putin by storm

Giovanna Parravicini comments on the parliamentary election results in Russia, in which Putin’s party fare much worse than expected, and on the factors that are changing Russian politics.


RUSSIA/ Towards the elections: skepticism, exhaustion and the desire for happiness

Giovanna Parravicini describes the current situation in Russia on the eve of the parliamentary elections, where discontent but also exhaustion is rife. Is there a chance for a new beginning?