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KENIA/ Refugee camp brings new opportunities for 50 Somali women teachers


Education for women to build Africa’s future. AVSI and the Ugandan PCE have developed a unique formation course for the young Somali women in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya

In Eastern Africa, ten million people in an area the size of France have been hit by the worst drought in human memory. In Somalia, the drought comes in addition to a political and military crisis that has not been solved for twenty years now. The Dadaab refugee camp, created in 1991, has now expanded to the dimensions of a medium sized city to which hundreds of desperate people come each day, fleeing hunger and death. This special collects the testimonies of volunteer workers in the area.


HORN OF AFRICA/ AVSI: Life in Dadaab, doctors kidnapped as schools are being built

Leo Capobianco talks about the situation in the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya after the kidnapping of the Spanish doctors from Doctors without Borders and what AVSI is working on.


HORN OF AFRICA/ 5. Maria (AVSI): Hope is not just for fools

Maria Li Gobbi describes her experience building schools in the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya, which are overflowing with children in need of a safe place to stay and grow up in.


HORN OF AFRICA/ 4. Maria (AVSI): “These kids need a place where they can laugh and play like ...

In a state of emergency as in Dadaab, education is not considered an immediate need, compared with food, water and health. But education remains fundamental for the future of the children


KENYA/ Francesco (AVSI): those 300,000 people you can’t forget about

Francesco Calcagno reports from the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, where the numbers of arrivals continues to grow and the camps are overcrowded with people searching for a better life.


HORN OF AFRICA/ 3. Maria (AVSI): They desire bread, water and education

Maria Li Gobbi provides ilsussidiario.net with an update on the situation in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, where thousands come every day fleeing the famine and the war in Somalia.


HORN OF AFRICA/ 2. Maria (AVSI): not even hunger can extinguish the dignity of men

Maria Li Gobbi, who works in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, provides an update on the situation in Eastern Africa and tells the stories of two refugees in the camp.


HORN OF AFRICA/ Maria (AVSI): Hunger and lions are taking the children of Dadaab

Thousands of refugees, victims of wild animals and bandits, come to Dadaab every day in search of food and hope. The story of AVSI worker Maria Li Gobbi.


FAMINE/ The hunger that is devouring the Horn of Africa

One of the worst famines in recent history is hitting the Horn of Africa. Hundreds of thousands flee to the refugee camp, Dadaab, in Kenya, where relief workers struggle to provide for all.