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US ELECTIONS/ Hurricane Isaac upsets the National Conventions


LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the Republican National Convention taking place in Florida this week, offering Mitt Romney a chance to re-introduce himself to voters.

In this special, we have collected interviews and opinions on the 2012 Republican Party primary elections, leading up to the November 2012 Presidential elections. Starting with the initial presentations of the candidates and the major issues, and leading up to the voting and eventual winner, the special especially focuses on the importance of religion to the debates and campaigns of the candidates. 


US VICEPRESIDENT/ 2. Romney Goes Bold: Pro-Life Catholic Paul Ryan in his Ticket

Keith Fournier describes the relevance of the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church and the position of Paul Ryan - the Republican Vice Presidential candidate - in this respect


US VICEPRESIDENT/ The Ryan Selection & The Shape of the Election

Michael Sean Winters sees three issues as mainly relevant in the debate within the Catholic world after the selection of Paul Ryan as Republican candidate to the US Vice Presidency


ROMNEY/ Avoiding a second Sarah Palin

LORENZO ALBACETE reviews some of Romney’s options for running mate, and discusses whether or not it would be prudent for him to choose a woman, perhaps Senator Kelly Ayotte.


US ELECTIONS/ Why Your Vote Won't Matter

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on how gerrymandering, filibusters, and a lack of education are ruining democracy in the United States and leading to dysfunction in the government.


US ELECTIONS/ Looking at the Economy

LORENZO ALBACETE uses the words of Pope Benedict XVI to comment on the issue of the US economy, the most important issue in the 2012 presidential election campaigns.


US ELECTIONS/ Trivializing the Latino question

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the possible candidacy of Marco Rubio, a Hispanic from Florida, for Vice-President alongside Mitt Romney, and on how that could affect the Latino vote.


PUERTO RICO/ An indication of the Latino vote for next November

Mitt Romney added to his lead in the Republican primary by capturing Puerto Rico. LORENZO ALBACETE comments on some issues this raises for the Latino vote in general.


US ELECTIONS/ GOP, Catholics, Evangelicals and Conservatives

Journalist ADAM SERWER comments on the Republican race for the nomination, on which groups are voting for which candidate and on the probability of Romney winning.


US ELECTIONS/ Samples (Cato Institute): Super Tuesday to Romney but race far from over

JOHN SAMPLES, director of the Center for Representative Government, comments on the results of Super Tuesday, the future of the Republican primary and the race for the American presidency.