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Articles of The Dossier: GOP Primaries 2012


ELECTIONS/ CACG Voter Guide: The Common Good in America Today (1)

The Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good comments on the current situation in America, and the things to be taken into consideration when voting. Part one.
Politics & Society

US ELECTIONS/ The State of the GOP Race

In view of the upcoming Super Tuesday, MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS on Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, what is holding them back and what they each should do to win the Republican nomination.
Politics & Society

U.S. ELECTIONS/ Catholic presidential candidates: JFK vs Santorum

LORENZO ALBACETE discusses Rick Santorum’s reaction to JFK’s speech on the relation of his Catholic identity to how he would govern if elected president, and how religion should be private.
Politics & Society

U.S. ELECTIONS/ The GOP’s "B" Team

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the Republican candidates for the presidential nomination and how they are unable to deal with the pressures of being the frontrunner.
Politics & Society

POLITICS/ The relationship between the Bible and public life

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on Santorum’s attack on Obama, saying his policies are not based on the Bible, and on the Catholic Church’s teaching on how religion and politics can go together.
Politics & Society

US ELECTIONS/ Santorum gains ground

DAVID JONES comments on Rick Santorum’s big week, winning three states and gaining in the polls, and on what could happen next week and in the future of the primary election.
Politics & Society

U.S. ELECTIONS/ Governments and the Economy

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the role of the state of the economy in next November’s presidential elections, using history to determine the role of the government in the economy.
Politics & Society

US ELECTIONS/ Latin American Policy

Michael Sean Winters on American policy towards Latin America, including illegal immigration and the drug war, both the views of Obama and those of the current GOP nominees.
Politics & Society

US ELECTIONS/ Romney's Electability vs. Santorum's Authenticity

David Jones comments on the current situation in the Republican primaries before South Carolina goes to vote. Is Romney going to win the nomination, or are their alternatives?
Politics & Society

US ELECTIONS/ If Christ becomes an alibi

Lorenzo Albacete comments on the Republican debates and how the candidates focus on religion, but reduce Christ to a teacher of ethical values and nothing more.
Politics & Society
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