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Articles of The Dossier: Hurricane Sandy wreaks havoc

NEW JERSEY/ Back to Work After Hurricane Sandy: Signs of Recovery

ALLISON SALERNO describe the situation in her town in New Jersey and the difficulties which still have to be overcome. But the storm has created so many stories worth being recounted
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HAITI/ Hurricane Sandy brought death and destruction here too, but no one pays attention to us

FIAMMETTA CAPPELLINI describes the situation in Haiti after Hurricane Sandy, what the volunteers are doing to help, and laments the lack of media coverage for the disaster there.
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HURRICANE SANDY/ After the Storm: Grateful

ALLISON SALERNO reports from New Jersey, a state suffering “incalculable loss”, and she describes what is happening in her neighborhood, where people are coming together.
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VIDEO/ Hurricane Sandy destroys the East Coast

Category 1 hurricane Sandy, called the Frankenstorm, hit the East Coast of the United States on Monday night and has since destroyed thousands of houses and killed more fifty people.
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HURRICANE SANDY/ An October Surprise for Obama

LORENZO ALBACETE reflects on Hurricane Sandy from the outskirts of New York and on the presidential election campaigns and how Romney and Obama will be affected.
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HURRICANE SANDY/ 7 text messages from New York tell the tale of the storm

RIRO MANISCALCO communicates with ilsussidiario.net during the deadly Hurricane Sandy, currently ripping through the East Coast, while sitting in the flickering light listening to the radio.
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HURRICANE SANDY/ Waiting for a Storm: Unexpected Beauty

ALLISON SALERNO reports from New Jersey on the wait for Hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm” set to arrive on the East Coast tonight, and the moments of beauty amid the anxiousness.
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