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ANTI-ISLAMIC CARTOONS/ The tricky boundaries of freedom of expression

Ugo Volli


UGO VOLLI comments on the anti-Islamic cartoons in France and on how the Muslim Brotherhood has asked France to censor them. Freedom of expression or blasphemy?

"Innocence of Muslims" – a B-movie produced in the USA, where the Prophet Muhammad was caricatured – has provoked a vast series of protests in most Muslim countries and several of these protests were violent, causing casualties. Everything started in Libya with the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, and with the killing of the US ambassador, three officers of the consulate and ten Libya policemen.


ISLAM/ “Fatwas” from Mali incite people to violence

INT. Massimo Introvigne

In the midst of the violent protests in the Middle East, many fatwas have been issued, calling on Muslims to “kill all U.S. ambassadors”. MASSIMO INTROVIGNE explains the legitimacy of fatwas


ISLAM/ Farouq: Fundamentalism is the real problem

INT. Wael Farouq

Professor WAEL FAROUQ comments on the protests in Cairo, the political background, the teachings of Islam, and the hidden threat of Wahhabism in the Middle East.


BLASPHEMOUS FILM/ Mikawy (judge): A true Muslim wouldn’t burn a Bible

INT. Hossam Mikawy

Egyptian judge HOSSAM MIKAWY comments on the makers of the anti-Muslim film that caused the protests and on the protesters who fought, killed and burned Bibles.


EMBASSY ATTACKS/ Catholic spokesman: Now 500,000 Copts will leave Egypt

INT. Rafic Greiche

Spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Church RAFIC GREICHE comments on the anti-Islamic film that caused the recent riots, and how it may hurt Christians most of all.


EMBASSY ATTACKS/ What is really behind the riots in the Middle East

INT. Usama Shami

USAMA SHAMI comments on the attacks on the US embassies, whether or not they were compatible with Islamic doctrine and how he can united his two identities of Muslim and American.


POPE IN LEBANON/ In a time of tension, Arabs ready to welcome the Father

INT. Georges Corm

Professor GEORGES CORM discusses the Pope’s visit to Lebanon two days after the killing of American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, and how the Pope could spark change.


LIBYA/ Is this revenge for Gaddafi?

Robi Ronza

ROBI RONZA comments on the killing of American ambassador Stevens in Libya, the obvious causes and on how the arming of the Libyan rebels might now be backfiring on the West.


LIBYA/ The results of false tolerance

Riro Maniscalco

RIRO MANISCALCO comments on the hate that generated the attack on the American embassy in Libya, and the intolerance that lies deep within people in America, Libya, and everywhere.