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REASON/ Is Man by Nature in Relation to the Infinite?


ROBERT REILLY discusses the theme of the Meeting in Rimini, Man by Nature is Relation to the Infinite, and how the Greeks, Christians and Muslims would answer that question.

“By nature, man is relation to the infinite”. This was the title of the Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples this year in Rimini from August 19-25, 2012. The Meeting is a place for people of all cultures and religions to gather to discuss issues of politics, economics, culture, and religion, united by a common human nature and a common desire for beauty and a relation with the Infinite.


RIMINI MEETING/ Teachers in search of meaning can learn from Dostoyevsky

FABRIZIO FOSCHI comments on the exhibit on Dostoyevsky at the Rimini Meeting, and how it teaches teachers how to lead students beyond signs toward a greater meaning.


RIMINI MEETING/ Fr Davison: Man does not exist unrelated to God

Father ANDRERW DAVISON discusses the title of this year’s Rimini Meeting, the fact that man is relation to God, is a finite being that only exists by virtue of the infinite.


EGYPT/ Reilly: There is no democracy if God and reason are separated

ROBERT REILLY, from the American Foreign Policy Council, discusses the shift in Islamic thought away from reason and how this caused the problems in the Muslim world today.


RIMINI MEETING/ A Friendship seeking the Infinite

SHARON MOLLERUS describes this year’s Meeting in Rimini, the conferences and exhibits, and that friendship that unites people of all faiths and ethnicities in the search for the Infinite.


POLITICS/ Glendon: We have to start again from the ground up

Jurist and Professor MARY ANN GLENDON was interviewed at the Rimini Meeting on the current crisis in politics, the dangers of oligarchies and the upcoming elections.


VIDEO/ Meeting in Rimini: the relation to the infinite that unites us

Watch the video summaries from this year’s Meeting in Rimini, on the theme “By nature man is relation to the infinite”. Includes conferences on politics, science, culture, etc.


RIMINI MEETING/ The Infinite seen from a spaceship

Astronaut PAOLO NESPOLI discusses the theme of the Meeting in Rimini using his experience in space, in orbit on the International Space Station, and the sight of the Earth from above.


CAIRO MEETING/ Education to freedom

WAEL FAROUQ discusses the importance of education and knowledge of tradition to creativity and the fight for freedom, such as the ongoing one in his country, Egypt.


RIMINI MEETING/ Milbank: Shakespeare, the Infinite and Fairies

ALISON MILBANK comments on the Infinite in Shakespeare, represented many times through the use of fairies and ghosts, on the occasion of the 2012 Meeting in Rimini.