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Articles of The Dossier: The Meeting of Rimini, 2009

WEILER/ In Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Rimini Meeting in Italy

On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Rimini Meeting in Italy, Professor Joseph Weiler illustrates the reasons which in his opinion are at the base of the success of this event.  
Culture & Religion

WATERS/ Blair: A Passion that Cannot be Exhausted

John Waters, a columnist with The Irish Times, comments on the speech that Mr. Tony Blair, the former UK premier, gave at the Meeting of Rimini.  
Politics & Society

MEETING OF RIMINI/ The full text of the speech by Rt Hon Tony Blair

The full text of the speech by the Rt Tony Blair to the XXX Rimini Meeting of Communion and Liberation
Culture & Religion

MEETING in RIMINI/ A formula for America

The Meeting for Friendship among Peoples which has been held in Rimini every year since 1980 may represent an innovative formula for the United States as well. Which are the possible ...
Culture & Religion

PARAGUAY / Vice President Gómez: with our model, it is no longer the non-profit charity.

The Vice-President of Paraguay, Luis Federico Franco Gómez, describes the institutional approach of non-profit enterprises in his country and the special involvement the Parliament has in the ...
Welfare & Subsidiarity

WATERS/ Knowledge and the event that is The Meeting

“Knowledge is always an Event”: this is the theme that will title the 30th edition of the Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples and that has been presented in a conference at Unesco in Paris on May ...
Culture & Religion
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