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FABRICE HADJADJ/ Our Terrible Longing for Happiness

INT. Fabrice Hadjadj


Ilsussidiario.net has interviewed the French philosopher Fabrice Hadjadj about the longing for happiness which is inherent to every human being  

“That nature which pushes us to desire great things is the Heart”. This was the title of the 31st Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples, held in Rimini August 22-8, 2010


MEETING of RIMINI/ Sports and Performances: A Taste of the Infinite

Suzanne Lewis

The Meeting of Rimini includes games, sports and performances, which reveal that a free and passionate engagement with reality offers a glimpse of the One who gives  


MEETING of RIMINI/ A Free Abundance of Great Things

Suzanne Lewis

We often think of “free entry” in negative terms: there is no charge. The gratuitousness of the Meeting in Rimini does not represent a lack, but rather a fullness born from the passion of the ...


CARD. TAURAN/ Interfaith dialogue presupposes a clear religious identity

INT. Jean Louis Tauran

  Any interreligious dialogue presupposes a clear religious and spiritual identity from everyone involved to avoid ambiguity. Cardinal Tauran answered some questions from Ilsussidiario on issues ...


COEXISTENCE/ Diaz, U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See: we all need bridges between diverse ...

INT. Miguel Diaz

Miguel Diaz, U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, spoke at the Meeting of Rimini at a session dedicated to issues of identity and coexistence. Ilsussidiario.net interviewed him to talk with him about ...


ECUMENISM / Sharing a passion for Christ

Giovanna Parravicini

The dialogue at the Meeting of Rimini between the Metropolitan Filaret and Cardinal Erdö showed that true ecumenism is possible only by recognizing the unity that already exists in Christ  


RIMINI MEETING/ One cannot know without the heart: the words of Benedict XVI

INT. Gerhard Ludwig Muller

Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller has been entrusted with the publication of the Complete Works of Pope Benedict XVI. He came to the Meeting at Rimini to present the first volume of the collection, ...


RIMINI MEETING/ The Forces that Change History Are the Same That Change Man’s Heart

Mary McAleese

The following is an excerpt from the speech delivered by the President of the Republic of Ireland, Mary McAleese, on the opening day of the Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples in Rimini  


HUMAN RIGHTS/ Today there is a trend to over-legalize values

INT. David Kretzmer

David Kretzmer is Emeritus Professor of International Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and he was Vice-president of the United Nations Committee on Human Rights. Ilsussidiario.net asked ...


RIMINI MEETING/ The Pope's Message: The "Big Things" to Which the Heart Longs Are in God


Benedict XVI, through the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, has sent a message to the Bishop of Rimini, and to all the participants at the Meeting of Rimini, on the occasion ...


RIMINI MEETING/ Religious Freedom: An Irrepressible Need of the Human Heart

Roberto Fontolan

A topic that is often brought to the attention of visitors to the Meeting is that of religious freedom, and of the ties between religious freedom and the Catholic Church. It is an issue of burning ...


RIMINI MEETING/ The Company of Don Giussani


The first session of the Meeting for the Friendship Among Peoples took place in Rimini from August 23-31, 1980. From a distance of over thirty years, the words of Fr. Giussani help us understand ...


RIMINI MEETING/ "That nature which pushes us to desire great things is the heart."

Alberto Savorana

The 2010 Meeting in Rimini is entitled "That nature which pushes us to desire great things is the heart." Alberto Savorana, of the Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà of Milan, illustrates the idea ...


RIMINI/ “More beautiful than the beach”: Volunteering at the Meeting

Brandon Vaidyanathan

Last Saturday the 2010 edition of the “Rimini Meeting” was presented  at the New York Encounter .Brandon Vaidyanathan of Notre Dame University attended the Meeting in 2008 and investigated the ...