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MEETING 2011/ Waters: Doubt – not as enemy, but as the grain of sand around which the pearl of faith may be constructed?


As things began to emerge at the Meeting of Rimini, it became clear that the issue was certainty of a subtly different kind than we had been accustomed to thinking about

“And existence becomes a great certainty”. This was the title of the 32nd Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples, held in Rimini from August 21 to 27, 2011. This special contains interviews of the people who participated in this year’s Meeting, descriptions of the events, stories from the Meeting and video summaries of the events, all centered on the theme of the possibility of certainty in these uncertain modern times.  


RIMINI MEETING/ Dabrowski: Learning to Pray in Prison

The National President of the Catholic Association of Polish Railways, Jozef Dabrowski talks about meeting John Paul II and learning to pray, which got him through his years in prison.


RIMINI MEETING/ Father Giussani’s latest book and the story of a missionary in Paraguay

Father Aldo Trento, missionary in Paraguay discusses Giussani’s new book “What we hold dearest” by recounting the story of his meeting with Father Giussani and how it changed his life.


TUNISIA/ Jebali: This is why Al-Nahda opposes the Sharia and fundamentalists

Hamadi Jebali, Secretary of the most important political party in Tunisia, al-Nahda, speaks to ilsussidiario about his party’s plans for the new, democratic Tunisia.


EGYPT/ Sustaining hope

Wael Farouq, Vice President of Meeting Cairo, speaks at the Meeting in Rimini about the values expressed in the Egyptian Revolution and how they can help with the challenges of modernity.


VIDEO/ Last Day at the Meeting in Rimini

TG Meeting presents the events of the Meeting of today, August 27, featuring an interview with Irish journalist John Waters on the theme of the Meeting, certainty.


RIMINI MEETING/ El-Arabi (Arab League): After the Arab Spring, what will happen next?

Nabil El-Arabi, Secretary General of the Arab League, discusses the challenges of transitions to democracy in the Middle East and the Israel-Palestine issue, on the occasion of the Meeting.


VIDEO/ August 26 at the Meeting

Watch the video summary of what happened today at the Rimini Meeting, including a talk on the challenges of North Africa and a show by an Italian comedian.


MEDICINE/ Croce (Ohio University): free of prejudice, we discover the value of “useless” genes

Carlo Croce, cancer researcher and discoverer of microRNA, talks about the importance of his discovery and what it taught him about the methods of science themselves.


RIMINI MEETING/ Hadjadj: A dramatic certainty

French philosopher and intellectual Fabrice Hadjadj speaks on the theme of the Meeting in Rimini, the immense certainty we are all searching for, and the challenges that modernity poses.