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OSLO/ Without Christ, man's rebellion to power can become insanity


The tragedy in Norway is the consequence of the madness that results from man’s obsession with power and man’s blind following of the people who hold that power.

On July 22, 2011, a car bomb exploded in the center of Oslo, outside the office of the Prime Minister, killing eight people. A second attack occurred at the AUF youth camp of the Ruling Labour Party on the island of Utoya by a gunman dressed as a police officer. 69 people were killed, making it the single most deadly attack by a single gunman in history. Right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik was arrested and charged with both attacks.


TERRORISM/ Discourse divorced from reality: Norway and Israel

Scott Dodge comments on terrorism, Islamophobia, the situation in Norway after the attack and reactions to the attack in Israel, where a newspaper published a controversial article.


OSLO ATTACKS/ Inside the mind of Breivik

Massimo Introvigne comments on the jumble of ideologies that inspired the Oslo killer, Behring Breivik, and on the problems with the open Norwegian society.


OSLO/ A tragedy that urges us all to change our minds

Lorenzo Albacete writes about the latest news, including the massacre in Oslo and how it could lead to Christianophobia and to a fear of all religion.