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Articles of The Dossier: Pope Benedict XVI speaks at the Bundestag

NATURAL LAW/ The Pope's foundation for positive law

Angelo Campodonico clarifies the Pope’s emphasis on natural law, going back to St. Thomas Aquinas, and comments on why many people today have difficulties accepting it.
Culture & Religion

POPE/ Lobkowicz: Either Mystery or Nonsense

Philosopher Nikolaus Lobkowicz, President of the Catholic University of Eichstätt, comments on the Pope's speech to the German Parliament and on the important of natural law.
Culture & Religion

NATURAL LAW/ Benedict XVI speaks to the Bundestag of Berlin

Giovanni Salmeri comments on Pope Benedict XVI’s speech to the German Parliament and its focus on green parties and natural law, or man’s relationship to nature.
Culture & Religion

POPE/ Veritas precedes caritas: on faith and reason

Scott Dodge comments on the Pope’s speech to the German Parliament, comparing it with his speeches in Regensburg and Paris on faith and reason, and the importance of not separating them.
Culture & Religion

POPE/ Finnis (Notre Dame) Reason will get us out of this bunker

John Finnis analyzes Pope Benedict XVI’s speech in front of the German Parliament, where he challenged politicians and the current trend of positivist thinking.
Culture & Religion

POPE/ Benedict teaches secular Germany (and us) how to love themselves

Davide Rondoni discusses Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Germany and how the Pope challenged everyone to recognize their dependence on Another, for no one can create himself.
Culture & Religion
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