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Articles of The Dossier: The HHS Mandate debate

US/ Statement of Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Proposed Rulemaking from HHS

The USCCB press release on the new proposed rulemaking from HHS related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and the statement of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of USCCB
Culture & Religion

US/ Courts offer mixed rulings on HHS mandate

The Becket Fund reports that there are 43 cases and over 110 plaintiffs challenging the HHS mandate in court. SR. MARY ANN WALSH surveys the first outcomes for some of these cases
Culture & Religion

US/ Thinking about the HHS mandate and health care

EDITH BOGUE discusses the HHS mandate from a broader perspective, commenting on what should and should not be covered by universal health care and Obama’s missed chances.
Politics & Society

HHS MANDATE/ LAWSUIT FILED: Notre Dame v. Sebelius

Message from Fr. Jenkins, President of Notre Dame University, on the lawsuit the university has filed against the HHS mandate which requires Catholic institutions to provide contraception.
Culture & Religion

HHS MANDATE/ Government: Amish, Ok. Catholics, No.

The government respects the First Amendment that guarantees the right to freely exercise one’s religious beliefs, but in the health care law it picks and chooses which beliefs it respects
Politics & Society

HHS MANDATE/ "This Is An American Issue": Bishops "Strongly Unified and Intensely Focused"

The Administrative Committee of the US bishops met to discuss the contentious HHS mandate issued by the Obama administration. Their message reprinted in full here.
Culture & Religion

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Libertas ecclesiae: freedom for the truth

SCOTT DODGE comments on religious freedom and how we no longer understand either of those words in our increasingly secularized society, using the words of Blessed Pope John XXIII.
Culture & Religion

HHS MANDATE/ Excused from Prudence: Contraception and the Mother of all Virtues

ELISE MATICH discusses the HHS mandate, and how it challenges the virtue of prudence, which is the mother of all virtues, by exempting people from having to have a prudent lifestyle.
Culture & Religion

HHS MANDATE/ It still undermines religious freedom

RICHARD W. GARNETT answers some objections to the Catholic Church’s position on the HHS mandate proposed by the Obama administration, which is seen as a violation of religious freedom.
Culture & Religion

HHS MANDATE/ Unacceptable

Statement on the HHS mandate and proposed “accommodation” signed by John Garvey, Mary Ann Glendon, Robert George, Carter Snead, and Yuval Levin as well as many other professors and leaders.
Politics & Society

HHS MANDATE/ The true rights of women and men

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the “accommodation” that the Obama administration is now proposing for religiously affiliated institutions under the new health care law.
Politics & Society

HHS MANDATE/ Happy Valentine’s Day from the Catholic Church!

MARGARET MCCARTHY comments on the HHS mandate and compromise, how they reduce religious freedom to what a person can say and do in private, and how the Church responds.
Culture & Religion

HHS DEBATE/ It’s a question of liberty not contraception

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the debate surrounding the mandate from the HHS that all organizations, even religious ones, must provide contraception in their health insurance plans.
Culture & Religion

CONSCIENCE PROTECTION/ The Church's right to govern itself at stake

SUZANNE LEWIS comments on the history of libertas ecclesiae, the Church’s freedom to govern itself, and how that history is being overturned in the new health care law.
Culture & Religion

U.S./ Conscience Protection: Presidential Betrayal

Lorenzo Albacete comments on the issue of conscience protection, summing up the bishop’s response and urging Catholics to remember to put aside ideology and focus on the event of Christ.
Politics & Society
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