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Articles of The Dossier: The HHS Mandate debate


HHS MANDATE/ The true rights of women and men

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the “accommodation” that the Obama administration is now proposing for religiously affiliated institutions under the new health care law.
Politics & Society

HHS MANDATE/ Happy Valentine’s Day from the Catholic Church!

MARGARET MCCARTHY comments on the HHS mandate and compromise, how they reduce religious freedom to what a person can say and do in private, and how the Church responds.
Culture & Religion

HHS DEBATE/ It’s a question of liberty not contraception

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the debate surrounding the mandate from the HHS that all organizations, even religious ones, must provide contraception in their health insurance plans.
Culture & Religion

CONSCIENCE PROTECTION/ The Church's right to govern itself at stake

SUZANNE LEWIS comments on the history of libertas ecclesiae, the Church’s freedom to govern itself, and how that history is being overturned in the new health care law.
Culture & Religion

U.S./ Conscience Protection: Presidential Betrayal

Lorenzo Albacete comments on the issue of conscience protection, summing up the bishop’s response and urging Catholics to remember to put aside ideology and focus on the event of Christ.
Politics & Society

CONSCIENCE PROTECTION/ "Catholics for Sebelius," indeed.

Robert George comments on the Obama administration’s decision not to include a conscience exception clause in the new health-care law, calling it liberal ideology.
Politics & Society

J'ACCUSE/ Why Obama is wrong on the HHS conscience regulations

Michael Sean Winters comments on the latest health-care law, which does not include a conscience protection clause, and how this has changed his opinion of President Obama.
Politics & Society

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Statements on Conscience Protection

The Department of Health and Human Services is now requiring health insurance plans, even those provided by religious organizations, to include contraceptive services.
Culture & Religion

US/ Obama's Choice

Michael Sean Winters describes the choice facing the US President about whether to expand the conscience clause in the Affordable Care Act and, thus, whether to estrange moderate Catholics.
Politics & Society

HEALTH CARE/ Fr. Jenkins: agreements should be kept

President of Notre Dame John Jenkins writes to Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius, lamenting certain features of the HHS preventive services mandate that requires contraception coverage.
Politics & Society
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