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Articles of The Dossier: The New York Encounter 2011

NY ENCOUNTER/ "A Living Cathedral"

Sophie, age 17, recounts her experience with the New York Encounter 2011 as a volunteer  
Culture & Religion

NY ENCOUNTER/ Jérôme Lejeune: The Scientist-Saint

The brilliant geneticist, doctor and a family man is remembered at the New York Encounter while his campaign for disabled children continues  
Culture & Religion

NY ENCOUNTER/ Leopardi: Before the Brink of Nothingness

Leopardi leaves open the great questions of origin and destiny. He does not solve these questions and paradoxes for us, but he is an insistent companion along the road of experience  
Culture & Religion

NY ENCOUNTER/ CUA President John Garvey Defends Freedom in the University

Catholic universities do not give up their freedom in remaining faithful to their mission; instead they are "first amendment actors creating public culture"  
Culture & Religion

NY ENCOUNTER/ A French House in New York City

At The New York Encounter, in the set for The Tidings Brought to Mary, a French house reminds us of the Event which renews and changes everything  
Culture & Religion

PHOTO/New York Encounter: Beauty in Manhattan

New York Encounter: Beauty in Manhattan  
English Spoken Here

NY ENCOUNTER/ Claudel’s “The Tidings Brought to Mary”

Saturday, January 15, at the New York Encounter, the Blackfriars Repertory Theater and the Storm Theater presented a special performance of the play by Paul Claudel  
Arts, Entertainment & Media

U.S./ The New York Encounter: a Different Cultural Event

The New York Encounter is unlike any other cultural event in the United States in its approach and content, transcending the cultural divisions that threaten the future of American society  
Culture & Religion


New York Encounter is a four-day cultural festival organized by Crossroads Cultural Center and Communion and Liberation.
Culture & Religion
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