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PHOTO/ New York Encounter 2012


See photos from the 2012 New York Encounter, an annual cultural event that aims to discover and offer truly human expressions of the desire for truth, beauty, and justice to everyone.

The New York Encounter, the annual three-day cultural event organized by the Catholic movement Communion and Liberation and the Crossroads Cultural Center, took place again this year in Manhattan. Politics, Education in the social network age, and the Arab Spring were among the main topics of the event, and Mary Ann Glendon, Frank Anderson, and Diarmuid Martin were among the speakers. The NYE demonstrates that a true dialogue among cultures is still possible today.


NY ENCOUNTER/ It’s Christianity. Simple.

Antonio Quaglio comments on Father Julián Carrón’s speech at the New York Encounter and his emphasis on the simplicity of Christianity, summing up the entire NYE.


NY ENCOUNTER/ The Arab Spring: the search for freedom and dignity

Former CIA Chief for the Near East Frank Anderson and Egyptian professor and columnist Wael Farouq discuss the Arab Spring and religion’s role in it, at the New York Encounter.


NY ENCOUNTER/ Glendon: The heart of politics is too big to fail

The New York Encounter opened this weekend with an address by law professor and former diplomat Mary Ann Glendon, who spoke about politics and how it should be lived, as a vocation.


NEW YORK ENCOUNTER/ “Karol, you put on a great show!”

A panel at the New York Encounter offered eyewitness accounts of Karol Wojtyla’s life, with the participation of Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and Krzysztof Zanussi


NYE/ "A Year of The Quiet Sun:" Happiness in Suffering

Allison Salerno comments on the film A Year of the Quiet Sun, directed by Krzysztof Zanussi, calling it heart-wrenching, on the occasion of Zanussi speaking today at the New York Encounter.


NY ENCOUNTER/ An Opportunity for True Dialogue Among Cultures

Politics, Education in the social network age, and the Arab Spring will be among the topics of this year’s New York Encounter, a three-day cultural event to promote dialogue between cultures