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POPE’S TRIP/ Wednesday audience: Benedict “explains” the freedom of the Church


PAOLO RODARI recounts the Pope’s audience where he recalled his trip to Mexico and Cuba, focused on hope and commitment, and insisted that there was no political agenda behind the trip.

In his fourteenth papal journey, Pope Benedict XVI visited Mexico and Cuba in March 2012. On his arrival in Mexico, the Pope was surprised by the enthusiastic greeting and stated that Mexico would remain in his heart. In Cuba, the Pontiff met with Raul and Fidel Castro, while calling for the Church to be able to have a more active role in society. He stated that his visits were not political, but were to reaffirm the faith of Latin American believers. 


POPE’S TRIP/ The ultimate meaning comes from grace

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the Pope’s trip to Cuba, asking whether or not the Pope said too little about the struggle for freedom and human rights going on in that country.


POPE’S TRIP/ Albacete: Benedict’s response to the “schizophrenia" of faith

In light of the Pope’s visit to Mexico and Cuba, LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the importance of Latin America and on the split between individual and public morality.


POPE’S TRIP/ Envoy: Now I know why the Church in Cuba survived Fidel Castro

GIACOMO GALEAZZI talks about Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Cuba, what he said in his speech and what his visit means for the persecuted Cuban Church that has withstood so much.


POPE’S TRIP/ Mexico: Benedict’s faith is greater than all injustices

Journalist ANDREA TORNIELLI comments on the Pope’s visit to Mexico, and his focus on nurturing the children, many of whom are suffering from violence and poverty.


POPE’S TRIP/ Envoy: Benedict and the faith of the Mexicans

The Pope visited Mexico and was welcomed by the Mexican people, who despite their troubled history of persecutions against Catholics, remain very religious. STEFANO PACI comments.