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U.S./ The Ignorance of the Ideal Candidate


LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the ideal candidate for the Republican Party in 2016, Senator Marco Rubio, his image, and his recent remarks about the age of the Earth.

President Barack Obama has been re-elected, together with his Vice President Joe Biden, after a very tough and divisive campaign, which left the nation split in two. Barack Obama has now to face the so-called “fiscal cliff” with a House of Representative dominated by the Republicans, though the Democrats are still the majority in the Senate. This feature collects the articles published in the wake of this dramatic election.


US/ Wake-up Call or Re-arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic?

A Washington ‘insider’ shares some post-election insights on and off the campaign trail, some “tectonic shifts” observable, and hope for a new approach, especially among Christians


US ELECTIONS/ The “mystery” of Obama

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the victory of Barack Obama in the recent elections, how the republicans, and others, see it, and why Obama seems so foreign and mysterious to them.


US/ From Virulent Partisanship to Bold Cooperation

The election is over. Now, bold cooperation is needed and all Americans must work as one for the spiritual and material health of our country and beyond. Sr. MARY ANN WALSH


EGYPT/ Farouq: the duplicity of the White House has destroyed the credibility of the West

Professor WAEL FAROUQ comments on the election of Obama and on the foreign policy of the U.S., focusing on the duplicity in their dealings with regimes in the Arab world.  


US ELECTIONS/ Herzog (Haaretz): Obama has all the tools to bring peace to the Middle East

MICHAEL HERZOG discusses the victory of Obama from the point of view of an Israeli, including possible future sanctions on Iran and a furthering of the peace process with the Palestinians.


US ELECTIONS/ Abuhasan (Palestine): Only vain promises from Obama

WAEL ABUHASAN comments on Obama’s victory from the point of view of Palestine, focusing on how the U.S. President can help restart the peace process between Palestine and Israel.


US ELECTIONS/ The hopes of the markets after Obama’s victory

How will the markets react in the short and long term to Obama’s victory in the US presidential elections? PAOLO ANNONI gives his analysis of the financial situation in America


US ELECTIONS/ Much ado for nothing

LORENZO ALBACETE gives his preliminary comments on the victory of President Obama, who voted for him and what the next step should be for the American President.


VIDEO/ Obama’s Victory Speech

President Obama has won four more years in the White House. Watch his speech after winning the 2012 presidential elections over Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney here.