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CRIMEA/ Russia and the Ukraine: Violations and justifications


As the days pass, and the Russian Government’s justifications for military occupation in Crimea become ever more bizarre, international law continues to be glaringly violated. MIKE HOFFMAN

The events in Ukraine are not just local facts but they involve the future structure and the peaceful development of international relationships. The risk for a new, dangerous and useless Cold War is real and must be avoided. This is a common responsibility of governments and peoples in the other countries as well. Peace and freedom are indivisible and this is one of the lessons coming from the Majdan.


UKRAINE/ Voices from the Majdan

MARTA DELL’ASTA describes what really happened at Maidan, the square in Kiev which was the starting point of Ukrainian events, and how the Ukraine crisis can be a lesson for other countries


UKRAINE/ Gonchar: Putin is thinking of an Anschluss

In this interview with ilsussidiario.net, Ukrainian professor MIKHAILO GONCHAR highlights how Putin’s attitude towards Crimea and Ukraine puts all of Europe at risk


UKRAINE/ A problem of freedom (for everyone)

GIOVANNA PARRAVICINI describes from Moscow how Russian people are reacting to the Crimean and Ukrainian events and how the defence of freedom is a personal responsibility of everyone of us


UKRAINE/ Olga Sedakova: the uprising in Kiev is a hope for Russia as well

In this interview to ilsussidiario.net, the Russian writer OLGA SEDAKOVA talks about the meaning of the ongoing uprising in the Ukraine and its possible consequences for Russia