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ELECTION DAY/ Fazio (former Representative): Obama still provides hope


Former Representative from California VICTOR FAZIO comments on today’s election, the differences between the candidates on major issues, and why he is supporting Obama.

The candidates for the 2012 election present some novelties: an incumbent African American president, a Mormon opponent, and two Catholic candidates to the vice presidency. For the first time, no mainstream Protestant candidate is running. The competition is strong and the race seems to be a head-and-head one. This feature collects a series of articles on the main issues facing the candidates and the future president.


ELECTION DAY/ Samples (Cato Institute): A libertarian view of the candidates

JOHN SAMPLES, of the Cato Institute, analyzes the differences between the two presidential candidates and the reasons why none of them raises particular excitement among the voters


US ELECTIONS/ Teachers will save us, and the U.S.

JOSE RODELGO-BUENO comments on the educational plans of the two presidential candidates, how they differ and how each is not enough to resolve the crisis in the school system today.


US ELECTIONS/ Paul Ryan on poverty & civil society

Many have noted that the poor have often been left out from the presidential campaign. KIM DANIELS comments on the speech Paul Ryan delivered in Cleveland, and the focus given to the poor


US ELECTIONS/ The nonprofit sector: A source of hope, invisible in the debates

The invisibility of the nonprofit sector is evident in many public policy debates, including this year’s presidential race. Poverty is not popular, says NANCY ALBIN


FREEDOM/ America’s Vocation

DANIEL HOFFMAN comments on the situation in America, the land of the free, and how freedom is often misunderstood in politics and in life, leading to terrible consequences.


US ELECTIONS/ The "On All of Our Shoulders" statement

RICHARD GARNETT discusses the budget proposal of Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, on why many Catholics oppose it, and on the Church’s teaching about the common good.


US ELECTIONS/ The Last Debate

Monday night was the third and final debate between presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on their demeanours and on their foreign policy.


US ELECTIONS/ Give me a reason to hope something can really change!

Votes solidify after the last presidential debate. RIRO MANISCALCO comments on the outlook of many Americans, still looking for change and fearing that it will not happen no matter who wins.


US ELECTIONS/ The deeper questions behind the debate: who will answer?

JOSEPH WOOD comments on the strong and weak points of Obama’s foreign policy, on how that issue is superseded by the economic situation, and on the deeper questions in the country.