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U.S./ Amid Electoral Sea Change, Mr Speaker Makes History


Ohio Congressman John Boehner stands in line to become the sixth Catholic Speaker of the House and the second Catholic Republican since 1789, after Massachusetts' Joseph Martin in 1946  

The relevance of the mid-term election is very high this year given the difficult economic situation and the need for more effective policies


U.S./ After the Midterm Elections: Bi-Partisan Ideas

If Obama had done a better job explaining his policies, the election result would have been different. But after this defeat, might there not be some long-term areas of bipartisan cooperation?  


U.S./ Mid-term Election: The Republican Party has risen…

Right now, based on the available raw data, the results of the elections can be summarized by the proclamation: The Republican Party has risen…as they said they would  


U.S./ What the Midterms Will Not Achieve

The American people may want action to get the economy going again, but the recipe they appear leaning towards on the eve of the election is a recipe for inaction  


U.S. ELECTIONS/ The Saints Keep Marching On

After the elections, the important questions will remain unanswered. Only the saints and those who pursue the quest for sanctity will remain raising the fundamental questions for the society  


U.S./ Hope: the problem that plagues all of American politics

The economy is not the problem; rather it is the symptom of a problem that plagues all of American politics: hope  


U.S./ Expected GOP Gains May Boost Obama

2010 will be a good year for the GOP. However, this scenario could prove fortunate for President Obama. A Republican Congress may boost President Obama’s popularity  


TEA PARTY/ Ideology and Faith

The difference between an ideology born in anger or frustration and a quest for sanctity which contributes to the life of society  


A Just Society: Sanctity and Politics

Without saints a society will not be a just society. Its politics will be dominated by anger and the struggle for power. Saints are needed to make society human  


U.S./ Small business owners ready to fight

According to a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, small business owners are skeptical of “help” from Washington, and they are mad at everyone -- regardless of party. This frustration at ...