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US/ “Hope” in Obama must not remain an ideology


The victory of Barack Obama, like many of the others in the civil rights struggle, came wrapped in the ideology of American liberalism. It was not the result of a faith-generated broadening of ...

The presidential elections in 2008 were an important issue for the United States and the world. Here you can find a series of articles written during the campaign to enlighten its different aspects, and give a judgement on the event from different angles


US/ The Savaging of Sarah Palin

A major post-election story has been drawn from a packet of gossip fed to the media by John McCain advisors about the supposedly colossal ignorance of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  The ...


US Elections/ Utopia and hope may be different things

The Democratic context between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was, you might say, the definitive one. That was where the two most potent forms of political idealism on the planet came into ...


US Elections/ A victory of confidence

Since October's Wall Street meltdown, a spiralling contagion of financial fear, John McCain's candidacy began to founder.  The Arizona senator briefly suspended his campaign and stated that he ...


US Elections/ Obama's D-day

It’s all over. By the time you read this, the new President of the United States will be going to be elected. At this point, just hours before election day, everyone is being very careful not to ...


US Elections/ The immigration issue in presidential elections

As the final days of the race towards the White House approach it is clear that the Hispanic vote will be decisive. This premise is affirmed by a study published by America’s Voice, a non-profit ...


US Elections/ Catholics and the single issue policy

More and more Catholic bishops in the US are compelled to state the criteria for Catholics to vote, is that important outside the Catholic circles? Yes, simply because there are so many Catholic ...


US Elections/ Political life, the electorate and education

Political campaigns often present their case to voters as a question of choice, often marketed through an appeal to the lesser but more alluring goods:  more jobs, less taxes.  Often the choice is ...


US Elections/ The Catholic vote

For the last century, Catholics have formed a solid voting bloc of the Democratic party, even electing one of their own, John F. Kennedy, in 1960. The original party claims Jefferson and Madison ...


US Elections/ What will an Obama presidency look like for Hispanic voters?

With the polls showing a substantial lead for Barack Obama and most of the Washington press corps practically guaranteeing a victory for the Democratic presidential candidate, Hispanic voters in ...


US Elections/ McCain's secret weapon to defeat Obama

This is being written about one week from the elections here in the USA. According to most polls, an Obama victory seems inevitable.


US Elections/ The soldier David: the way I'll choose between Obama and McCain

For me this election cycle and its many debates and questions concerning how our country should move forward is not something distant or abstract. I am currently preparing to deploy to war


US Elections/ How difficult it is to be a mature, educated voter

During the primaries I dug into politics with vigor, but since then I've turned away from the political process. I'm a bit tired of making excuses for politicians who are vaguely pro-life in an ...


US Elections/ Politics as sports

It is hard to believe, but in a few days the 2008 campaign for President of the United States finally will be over.  We Americans will elect a new President, a new House of Representatives, many ...


US Elections/ My choice is for life

The U.S. Presidential election is around the corner and no one is talking about it. That is, the U.S. Freedom of Choice Act - a proposed law that is central to the probable presidency of ...