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EGYPT/ Fadl, a former Al Jazeera journalist: the biased information of the Qatar channel


WESSAM FADL explains why he has resigned from Al Jazeera and highlights the biased information the Qatar channel is giving on Middle East events, mainly in support of the Islamists

Protests in the Middle East and North Africa continue, and gain force. In the North Africa, after the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt which brought to the resignations of respectively Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak, major or minor protests have happened in almost every country in the area, including Algeria and Libya, where a civil war has started.


EGYPT/ Aboubakr: The reasons behind the coup by the Army

HOUSSEIN ABOUBAKR is an Egyptian blogger who took part in the Tahrir Square revolution and now in the US as a political refugee. Here he talks about those events and the present situation


EGYPT/ Greiche: The Church will not back down

Father RAFIC GREICHE, Spokesman for the Catholic Church in Egypt, discusses the new draft of the Constitution that was approved and which has triggered protests throughout the country.


EGYPT/ Farouq: Morsi’s new decrees and Article 219 take us back to the Middle Ages

Protests erupted once again in Egypt with the recent decrees by President Morsi and the approval of the drafo f the new Constitution. WAEL FAROUQ on the threat of a new dictatorship.


EGYPT/ Mikawy (judge): Our proposals to avoid a dictatorship

Egyptian judge HOSSAM MIKAWY tells ilsussidiario.net why he and his fellow judges are on strike after certain decrees from President Mohamed Morsi that could  lead to a dictatorship.


EGYPT TRANSITION/ Amin (CNN): Very little has changed for Christians since Mubarak

Egyptian journalist SHAHIRA AMIN comments on the persecution of Christians in Egypt, on the reaction of the government, and on the draft of the new Constitution, advocating Sharia law.


SINAI/ Fattah: dark forces aim to start a war between Egypt and Israel

Terrorists struck the border between Israel and Egypt, killing 16 guards from Cairo while they were breaking fast. ABDEL FATTAH HASAN comments on the situation in Sinai.


TERRORISM/ How Al Qaeda is spreading throughout North Africa

GIAN MICALESSIN discusses the situation in Northern Mali, where extremist movements have taken over and could have access to arms from Libya, creating a situation worse than Afghanistan.


EGYPT/ Hulsman (Arab-West Report): how bad reporting guides the Arab Spring

Dutch sociologist and expert on Egypt CORNELIS HULSMAN comments on the anti-Jewish hatred present in Egypt, on the effects of the Arab Spring, and on his plans and hopes for the future.


LIBYA/ Will the tribes save the country from the Islamists?

The coalition of moderates, led by Mahmoud Jibril, won the elections in Libya. MICHELA MERCURI comments on this surprising victory, its causes and consequences.