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VIDEO/ Giant squid captured on video for the first time

Watch the video preview of the Discovery Channel episode on the giant squid, the world’s largest invertebrate, with the first video of this species in its natural habitat deep in the sea

VIDEO/ Iceberg the size of Manhattan breaks off in the Arctic

Watch the amazing video of the iceberg the size of Manhattan breaking off from its parent glacier in the Arctic. It was the largest breakage ever caught on film

VIDEO/ Famous sitar player Ravi Shankar dies

Ravi Shankar, the world famous Indian sitar player and composer, winner of three Grammy Awards, died yesterday December 11th. Watch the video of him playing here.

VIDEO/ Views of the Washington Monument

The Washington Monument was completed on December 6th 1884, and at the time of completion, it was the tallest structure in the world. Watch a video with views from the obelisk here.

VIDEO/ 50 years of Lawrence of Arabia, Interview with Spielberg

Watch the  interview with director Steven Spielberg on David Lean and his Oscar winning film Lawrence of Arabia, on the 50 year anniversary of the film’s release.

VIDEO/ Thanksgiving Turkey for Beginners

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Watch the video on how to make your very own Thanksgiving Turkey and get the exclusive ilsussidiario.net recipe.

VIDEO/ Total solar eclipse over Australia

Watch the full video of the total solar eclipse over Australia, the last one until March 2015, and see what happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth align in their orbits.

VIDEO/ Obama’s Victory Speech

President Obama has won four more years in the White House. Watch his speech after winning the 2012 presidential elections over Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney here.

VIDEO/ Hurricane Sandy destroys the East Coast

Category 1 hurricane Sandy, called the Frankenstorm, hit the East Coast of the United States on Monday night and has since destroyed thousands of houses and killed more fifty people.

VIDEO/ Giants and Tigers face off in the World Series

Watch the video presentations of the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers, who will face off tonight in Game 1 of the 2012 World Series, with pitchers Barry Zito and Justin Verlander.
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