EXPO 2015 / AVSI: Culture and food are inseparable

At the EXPO Milan 2015 AVSI Foundation has chosen the language of culture to make the benefits of food nourishment, value-addition, food supply and energy for the planet come alive

U.S./ Racism on Both Sides of the Mason-Dixon Line

America’s racial problems are not confined to Dixie and they are not merely symbolic: They exist on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line and they are structural. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

ENCYCLICAL/ Cardinal Pell backs Laudato Si’ (but you may not guess it from the headlines)

In his remarks about Laudato Si’, Cardinal Pell merely expresses caution about the idea of canonizing a scientific opinion but without criticism of the encyclical. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

DEBATE/ Does Islamic Theology Matter When Conflict Is (Mostly) Political?

The theological questions of tolerance and intolerance remain vitally important for Muslims. even when secular factors are core components of today’s “mess” of violence By JENNIFER BRYSON

BURUNDI/ AVSI: Reopening of MEO Centre after political unrest

The education and nutritional center MEO (“Maman Enfants Orphelin”) in the neighborhood of Bujumbura closed due to the impossibility of ensuring the safety of workers and children. By AVSI

SYRIA/"Where is the Christian Conscience?" Cries Syriac Archbishop After Massacre

According to Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Homs and Hama, the worst massacre of Christians in Syria since the beginning of the civil war took place last week at Sadad. By EDWARD PENTIN


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